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Regulations of Studies (Greek) Course/Exams Schedule
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The Mathematics Department in the School of Sciences at the University of Aegean offers a Master’s degree in “Mathematical Studies” with specialization in Pure or Applied Mathematics.


The program aims at advanced candidates whose primary interest is in Pure or Applied Mathematics with a broad range of applications to other disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. It is an intensive and demanding course where the candidates are advised to be of a high level of self-motivation and capacity of hardworking independent study. In formulating the Master’s degree training program, the faculty has been guided by several principles.

First, the program should aid each student in the development of an individualized training program based on the student's background and interests.

Second, in-depth knowledge and research experience should form the core of each student's training and open the way to a PhD degree.

Third, students should be able to complete the program within one and a half years (there is the possibility for an extension).

Fourth, students should be evaluated in terms of those competencies that are important to teachers and research scientists.


Group Lessons

Group A (Track «Pure Mathematics»)
A1 Algebras and Lie Groups ECTS: 7.5
A2 Differential Geometry ECTS: 7.5
A3 Operator Theory ECTS: 7.5
A4 Postgraduate Algebra ECTS: 7.5
A5 Group Theory ECTS: 7.5
A6 Measure and Probability ECTS: 7.5
A7 Functional Analysis ECTS: 7.5
A8 Topology ECTS: 7.5
A9 Algebraic Topology ECTS: 7.5

Group B (Track «Applied Mathematics»)
Β1 Applied Mathematical Methods ECTS: 7.5
Β2 Dynamical Systems ECTS: 7.5
Β3 Mathematical Models in Physical Sciences ECTS: 7.5
Β4 Mathematical Physics ECTS: 7.5
Β5 Partial Differential Equations ECTS: 7.5
Β6 Statistics ECTS: 7.5
Β7 Stochastic Modeling ECTS: 7.5
Β8 Numerical Analysis ECTS: 7.5

Group C
Γ1 Discrete Mathematics ECTS: 7.5
Γ2 History of Mathematics ECTS: 7.5
Γ3 Mathematical Logic ECTS: 7.5
Γ4 Mathematical Software ECTS: 7.5
Γ5 New Technologies in Education ECTS: 7.5
Γ6 History of Non-Western Mathematics ECTS: 7.5

Group D
Subgroup D1
Δ1.1 Topics in Algebra ECTS: 5
Δ1.2 Topics in Analysis ECTS: 5
Δ1.3 Topics in Geometry ECTS: 5
Δ1.4 Topics in Differential Equations ECTS: 5
Δ1.5 Topics in Modeling ECTS: 5
Subgroup D2
Δ2.1 Algebra Seminar ECTS: 2.5
Δ2.2 Analysis Seminar ECTS: 2.5
Δ2.3 Geometry Seminar ECTS: 2.5
Δ2.4 Differential Equations Seminar ECTS: 2.5
Δ2.5 Modeling Seminar ECTS: 2.5

MSc Thesis – 30 ECTS