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The Department of Mathematics of the University of the Aegean is located in Samos and in particular in the town of Karlovassi. Karlovassi, home of the School of Sciences, is a modern island town (with approximately 10,000 residents) with past, present and future. It has a large market and services, as well as a significant tourist infrastructure. Also eminent is the cultural heritage of the area, which keeps immutable the images of a refined past. The city has bright green villages nearby, lush, leafy plants, very clean beaches and virgin places of wild beauty.

The island of Samos has a daily communication with the harbor of Piraeus, as well as daily flights of “Aegean” and “Astra Airlines”. There are two main harbors, the one in Karlovassi and the other in Vathi, which is the capital of Samos island. Vathi is located in the northeast part of the island and is about 35Km away from Karlovassi, while the airport is located in the southeast part of the island, namely in Pythagoreio. Pythagoreio is about 17Km away from Vathi, whereas one can reach Karlovassi either via Pyrgos or via Vathi. The driving distance is approximately one hour, in both courses. Τhe students of the Department can also be served for their transfer by the local bus of the municipality of Karlovassi.

The  University of the Aegean has the following buildings at the island of Samos:

 Municipality of Karlovassi:

  • "Regal mansion" Building (Faculty offices and Secretariat of the  Department of Mathematics, Department's Academic Secretariat, Postgraduate studies Secretariat for the M.Sc program of "Studies In Mathematics", Financial Service)
  • "Vourlioti" Building - Building of the  Department of Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics (Faculty offices, Department's Academic Secretariat, Postgraduate studies Secretariat for the M.Sc program of "Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics")
  • Building of Regional Management (Regional Management of the University unit of Samos, Secretariat of School of Sciences,  Faculty offices and Secretariat of the  Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, Laboratories)
  • "Morali" Building (Faculty offices of the Department of Mathematics) 
  • "Provatari" Building (Auditorium, Faculty offices) 
  • (formerly)"Psatha" Building (Offices)
  • (formerly)"Papanikolaou" Building (Postgraduate students' office)
  • Building of the School of Commerce (Classrooms, Computer and Network Operation  center)
  • School complex at  Messaio Karlovassi (Classrooms)
  • Multimedia Building (Multimedia Lab)
  • "Xatzigianneio" Building (Library)
  • Students' Club - Screening Room
  • (formerly) "Katsika" Building (Technical service)
  • Tampakiki (Expropriated area)


Municipality of Vathi:

  •   "Maniakeio" Istitution (Seminar room, Faculty offices)